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Containment Systems

The PetSafe PRF-3004W Pet Containment System is now  the cost effective alternative to above-ground fencing. This easy-to-install in-ground or above ground fencing system provides superior performance over all other replaceable-battery systems on the market. It is ideal for any size yard up to 10 acres.

The NEW RECHARGEABLE In or Above Ground wire Containment system (PIG19-16413 can be expanded to cover up to 25 acres with the purchase of more wire and the Waterproof Rechargeable collar unit (PIG19-16414) can be set to give 4 static stimulation levels ( Low to High) and Tone Only for training purposes

The very popular PIF-17 WIRELESS Containment system can be adjusted to give a wireless signal out to a maximum of a 64 metre diameter circle ( ¾ acre)

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The boundary wire can be buried or stapled to an existing fence or laid on top of the ground through hedges or bush areas or siliconed into an expansion joint across a concrete drive or in a 5mm deep cut across asphalt. The boundary wire can be installed in virtually any configuration to keep the dog(s) within the section and away from the BBQ area, children's play area or swimming pool. When the dog approaches the boundary area, he receives a warning tone, followed by a mild electrical stimulus. If he continues toward the boundary, the Innotek's exclusive Run-Through Preventer feature boosts the stimulation to the high level. Most dogs learn to avoid the boundary area in a short time. If necessary, we can assist with advising where the wire loop should run. Simply send us a sketch plan of your property with relevant details and we will be happy to help plan your system. The training program, which is fully explained on the DVD and in the manual, takes about 10 minutes a day for seven days to train the dog to the system. The training process is based on the recommended "avoidance training method" whereby the dog makes up its own mind not to cross the line where the collar starts to make a noise.

A money back guarantee is in place if your dog does not respond to the training program. About 1 dog in 75 does not respond properly to the training which is essential for the containment system to work.

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Boundary Wire Guide

  • 100 metres for 1/5 Acre or 0.08 Hectare.
  • 200 metres for 1/2 Acre or 0.2 Hectare.
  • 300 metres for 1.5 Acres or 0.6 Hectare.
  • 400 metres for 2.0 Acres or 0.8 Hectare.
  • 500 metres for 3.0 Acres or 1.2 Hectares.
  • 800 metres for 5.0 acres or 2.02 Hectares.

Life for us and our neighbours has changed for the better now that Olly does not bark or yap all the time like he used to.

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